14 November 2003

The PokerPulse site is a must to get the pulse of online poker. Excellent information on what's happening where in the online poker world
Those guys are working on some serious online poker stuff. I am involved as a beta tester, and I have to say it is pretty amazing. They are looking for more serious poker players to help them fine tune the work, so just go to www.serious-poker.com if you want to take part is this stunning adventure.
Hello all poker players
After 30 years playing "Brick and mortar" poker, I have recently discovered the whole new and exploding world of online poker. I decided to create a diary of my experiences playing poker online, the best places, the different strategies, how online poker differs from offline and what you need to do to win online.
I hope you enjoy this poker blog and until then - may all your straight draws be open ended with top pair

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