18 December 2003

Things are going to be rather quiet here until the 5th of January, as I move to a non connected area for the christmas holidays. At least it will give me a chance to recover from the awful flu that has brought me down in the last two days.
Dear readers, I wish you all a fabulous christmas, and may all your straight draws be open ended with top pair.
Till next year.

16 December 2003

Alexander Resources have just published a study on mobile gambling, forecasting the market to reach $16 billion by 2008.
The Bets Are on Mobile Gambling. As expected, sports betting is forecasted to be a significant proportion of this market. But Alexander resources also see casino style betting (and I suppose that would include mobile poker) contributing to the pot! Video poker I can imagine on a phone. But real Poker? May be I should ask my wife to get me a 3G phone for christmas?

15 December 2003

Doing the round of news on my favourite poker blogs, I found this suggestion from Iggy: "One of these days we'll need to get a private table and have a poker bloggers only game". Sign me up. And there definitely won't be a lack of players, given all the poker blogging goodness that can be found out there. In fact, I really need to post a few more links to the new gems I've discovered recently. But first a rant.
Overall, starting this poker blog has been an amazing experience. Lots of fascinating conversations have started, and in a way, they are making the online play more human, more real, more connected! It's a completely different experience to the mindless chatter at the online poker table.
So all great, until I received my first spam email this week-end. And since I have taken care not to allow my email address to be harvested automatically, it must be that a poor and sad soul has spent god knows how long collecting email addresses manually from poker blogs and other places. Anyway. here is the email, edited to take out the real name of the room:
Hey there,

Looking for a poker game? Pokerspammers.com has plenty happening right now.


Meet new players, or get your old poker buddies back together every week on your
own private reserved table. Without even leaving the house.

Get a 20% bonus up to $100 on your first deposit. and if you use Neteller
(www.neteller.com), we'll give you 10% Free up to $100 on every following
Neteller deposit.

We've also just invited thousands of poker novices in from a group of online
casinos. They're all trying to learn poker and it may be a good time to come in
and practice your skills and earn a little money.

Click here to check it out: http://www.pokerspammers.com/index.jsp?sourceid=468

Thanks and we hope to see you soon!

We're Serious About Poker
I really like the bit about inviting novices to come along! Will they stop at nothing?
By the looks of it, it is probably an affiliate who is trying to harvest traffic to get affiliate commission. So it MAY just be that the poker room itself would not be supportive of this undue marketing process!
Too bad though, and I declare and ask you to join me in a complete and definitive ban of those sad spammers. (OK so I need to give the name I guess - Just once: superiorpoker).

Rant over.

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