28 January 2004

Vagaries of an online poker player is taking a short break and will return in February with a revenge! (that's the plan at least...)
Here is a small taster of things to come:
- Poker blogs representation at the WSOP - If you maintain a poker blog and would consider or are participating in the WSOP, do let me know.
- Poker blogger tournament - finally coming to life, with some extra salt!
- Poker blog viral - Reaching for stardom and fame for poker blogs....
- The universal church of poker - Where we test the world's faith in online poker

Before I retreat to this busy schedule, here a a few new (for me) damn fine poker blog links:
Poker comic : Tales from the felt & stage. The life of a New York City stand-up comic and amateur poker player - where two worlds collide.
Rhymes with joker
Design by fire: Poker
Cardplayer's journal
The livejournal poker community
The rants of a young mind : Sports, Poker, Gambling, Politics, & Television -- All Things That Make This Country Great !(take television out, and we are pretty much in agreement here)!

May the poker gods bless you.

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