07 February 2004


[Client:] I have a £25 promotional deposit in my account, what are the requirments to be able to cash it
[cristianag:] hi one moment please
[Client:] no probelm
[Client:] problem even
[cristianag:] The funds on your balance that are on hold are from casino promotional bonuses that have to be used in the casino and cannot be used in the casino to buy chips. You may use these funds in the casino by restoring access to your account there by using your existing account details
[cristianag:] The monthly bonus offers apply to the download casinos only. These offers are only available once per player per month (the 'first chip purchase' bonus is available only once), regardless of the number of accounts. To cash out the bonus you must wager an aggregate total of £1000 for the initial £50 match bonus and £500 for each of the subsequent £25 match bonuses you receive. Until you have met the bonus wagering requirement, you will not be able to withdraw any winnings from your casino account
[Client:] thanks - crystal clear
[cristianag:] you are welcome

There is no hope...

05 February 2004

Ah the vagaries of modern life! Had to rush to the emergencies as my 3 year old son Thomas was suddenly covered with spots around the eyes, that started to swell dramatically after about ten minutes (that's what nursery told me at least, when I picked him up, my poor little boy had two enormously swollen eyes and could hardly see anymore!). After three hours wait in the emergency section where his condition obviously didn't get any better, they gave him some anti-histaminic and corticoids to cure the "symptoms" of a "unknown allergic reaction". 3 hours just to cure the symptoms! And they had no idea what had provoked this reaction. Isn't modern medical care wonderful?

Anyway, I digress from the usual topic here, for which I now definitely have no time left.
One important thing though that had escaped me yesterday in the list of remarkable poker blogging events that happened recently, is the conversion of Lord Geznikor to poker pro! A rash and sudden conversion, but well documented. Still, it takes balls. All the best, LG.
And last but no least, my buddy Bunny had a Royal Flush on empire! Not only is he good, he is also a lucky b******d! I'm still waiting for that elusive hand!

04 February 2004

Just took a short week break from poker blogging (and work) to spend some quality time with the family and prepare a few online poker related projects, and the whole poker blog world is completely reshaped during those short seven days!

So where do I start?
First of all, the insurpassable and prodigal Iggy (known to all as the godfather of the poker blog community) managed to publish a brilliant roundup on poker blogs in what has got to be the best online poker journal out there: Pokersavvy. Link here: The Poker blog roundup. Only one caveat, the british poker blog representation is saddly missing....

This is hardly going to be news for anyone reading this, since I don't think a single poker blog has failed to mention it. But nevertheless it is a landmark event: The Grublog poker classic is born. Yes, the poker blogger only tournament "first" will take place on the 22nd February, hosted by ChoicePoker and organised by Grubby. With super prizes and a "mistery guest" to boot. Congrats, grubby, I can't wait to join all of you fellow poker bloggers and other poker journal holders around the table.
Grubby, can you post the list of players so we can start putting our bets as to who makes it to the end? (My shortlist for the moment would be Felicia, Pauly, Royal, Iggy and Hdouble)

But wait, this is not the end, in fact, (as Churchill said at the end of the El Alamain battle), this is not even the beginning of the end. It is perhaps the end of the beginning. Iggy is already planning a second poker bloggers tournament in March, and yours truly is working hard on getting another up for April. Are we seeing the emergence of the "world poker blogger tour"?

And in the mean time, Poker bloggers are starting to go heads up both on and offline. Pauly and Ugarte had the first Blogger Crossover Home Game in NYC, whilst Hdouble and grubby were battling it out on Choicepoker. It ended up with an elegant "I've got to let you go, Mr.Grubs". (I may need to revise my Grublog poker classic shortlist!)

And finally the third hammer challenge was won brilliantly by the poker penguin.

Lots of news and poker links in the offin, but it will have to wait for the next post, this one is already far too long.
Just a few more poker blogs that have crossed my radar:
Tightpocket, which has a great picture of the hammer in a home game!
Fish with a pole says it all in the title. promising stuff with good regular posts.
Poker watch By dan Michalski, a texas journalist. Controversial, but rather funny.
And last but not least Shaynamouse, with has good trip reports and other candid tales of online poker playing.

"There can never be too many poker blogs. Although there are enough lately that they're hard to keep track of. Which is why I want this one to keep tabs on the others."
So starts the latest addition to the poker blog community, at Suited Trash.
Brand new with only one post yet, but notable since it is from a lady named Liz, who used to be a restaurant critic and magazine editor.

Poker bloggers, get ready for some insightful analysis on your poker blog writing. And Liz, welcome, I look forward to reading your "meta-poker blog!

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