23 February 2004

Don't ever try to play poker online from a hotel in Germany. Not only did I pay a fortune just trying to get access to the poker room (choice in this case, trying to get onto the World Blogger tour inaugural tourney!), I was also nearly kicked out of the hotel for illegal activities! I had the stupid idea to ask for help to be authorised to install the choice software on their terminal. They strictly refused to have a third party software installed, which I can understand for security reasons. But then when they found out I was trying to "gamble" online, Mein Gott! I love the relaxed german atmosphere :-)

And so it is that after ruining a good number of nights to get used to play at 2 AM in the morning, I had to miss the inaugural World blogger tour Tourney! Verdammt nochmal, as the germans say in their sweet and romantic language (do I sound frustrated?). To be honest, the sleep I had instead came handy, as I had a rather important and challenging monday. But still!

Judging by the blog reports from most of the 32 players, it must have been quite a party! It's also a good thing I didn't put any bets on the winner, as it turned out to be completely different from my amateurish expectations. Congratulations to Meangene, aka the President, who proves he is a real leader by claiming the champion title of the grublog poker classic.

For the complete results, go over to the organiser of this brilliant event, the mighty himself, who claimed a pretty good fifth place.

I was going to link to the various reports, but Jeremy from Love and casino war has done the job already. .

Sean from Anisotropyhas a great "final word" on his wrap up: " After the event, I was talking to Felicia about how much we both enjoyed the evening (and after Choice so rudely closed out the tables and didn’t leave us any chance to congratulate the players or the winner). We both thought it would really something to do this in a live setting (logistical hell aside). Playing with the bunch of bloggers that were there last night is as much about the social interaction as it is the cards, and a live game with all of these people in the same room would be something that would fill books and books of blog entries. Atlantic City is so close to me, so I’m biased and wouldn’t be opposed to doing something whereby a bunch of bloggers come out to AC over the summer for some fun, cards and other assorted tomfoolery."

Not sure I have ever seen such camaraderie form around a game. More and more certain about why I love this game so much though!

I'm now hoping I can make the 10th, for the second stop of the WBT, over at .

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