05 December 2003

I have been playing around with the blog lately, trying to add new features and links to interesting poker content. I am amazed by the quality of the poker blogosphere. Here are some of my choice discoveries:
  • Poker Blog by Ignatious, regular partypoker and empire poker player. Check his post from December 4th for a fantastic tip on making money switching between empire and party. short extract:
    "Make sure to close out all of your money on your Party account. Why? Because while you are doing your hand requirement for Empire, Party
    will email you, offering you $100 to play there. So you hit your bonus on Empire. cash it all out. Head back to Party. Play and get your bonus there. Get an email offering you a bonus to play on Empire. Rinse and repeat."

  • The Tao of Poker by McGrupp. Why you should read this?: "By the way, I think I'm a much better writer than I am a poker player! But I have been writing everyday since I walked out of my job as a bond trader on Wall Street in 1996" - A trader, writer and poker player. Winning hand for sure.
  • Finally, I found Poker grub hilarious. Check out the combination of play description and food. The only downside is that he posts his menu only after playing, so you won't know beforehand if he's drunk! You'll find grubby on UB and party.

As for new features on the blog, I am really finding my way in the maze of free tools available all over the place. You will notice a comment button under each post, courtesy of blogback.
I have also added a subscription tool, but that will probably be changed, not sure I like the format. If you have any suggestion, please let me know at londonfroggypokerathotmail.com

That's it for today folks. Thanks for reading.

04 December 2003

Courtesy of big frank on united poker forum, this excellent take on the celebrity poker show on Bravo:
I can't believe Hollywood caught on to our beloved game and is attempting to kill it with celebs. What's next?
Everyone Bluffs Raymond
Kings and Queens in Queens
Survivor - Binions
Big Blind for the Straight Guy
7th Street Heaven

03 December 2003

This is the day where I spam my own blog with vastly divergent content, but I just fell over this interesting piece of news regarding the potential for online gambling and adult content on mobile. $6.5 billion dollars by 2006 is the revenue potential for those two industries. I can see how betting would work well on a mobile. Imagine: You're watching a rugby game live at twickenham stadium. At the same time, you are placing regular bets from your handset and watch the results of your bets happen live under your eyes, right there and then. I'd go for that.
But adult content? Are we really such a sad bunch?
what I would really like to see is multi-player poker on the mobile. If anyone manages to pull that one through and make it a commercial success, I'll eat my hat.

This has nothing directly to do with poker, but it reasserts my belief that Asia and China in particular is the next growth frontier for online gaming and gambling.
China Online Game Firm to Seek $300 Million Nasdaq IPO

An excellent online poker story by Stephen Elliott, in salon.com. Well worth going to the end of this four page article, would it be only to read the end list of recommendations:
1)Don't, it's a bad idea. I didn't get a thing done last week. Deadlines passed, phone calls went unreturned, my life fell apart.
3) Always stay in with a pair in the hole, even 2's: Take it to Fourth Street [the fourth flop card] no matter what the cost.
Salon.com Technology | Swimming with the online card sharks

Another big UK gaming brand joins the online poker bandwagon.
CryptoLogic & Littlewoods Gaming Build Long-Term Relationship With Extended Agreement & Expanded Game Offering
I hadn't caught on those press releases, which already date back to September. But strangely enough, although registered with littlewoodscasino, I never received any news from Littlewoods about the launch of their poker room.
Anyway, I had a brief look at their poker room. There were 152 players (at around 12:30 PM in the UK), which is not too bad going. Most seem to be playing for real money (in a 80/20 proportion, which is unseen in my experience). The standard currency is in pounds, which makes a nice change from the $ sign. Very simple design, not very nice but efficient. The environment is a no brainer, you can get into the games in seconds. Pretty simple registration process as well (They only want your play name and an email address, for play money. fair enough). All in all, I'd say you could give it a

An online gambling magazine would obviously support the idea that Online poker is becoming an enormous business. But this article does a good job at summarising the poker phenomenon: "the game has acquired new found respectability, catapulting it into the realms of popular culture and, therefore, big business.". I couldn't agree more.

The celebrity poker showdown is making the news. Poker showdown betting on celeb. The real interesting bit will be the ratings compared to other TV poker shows. My bet is the poker celeb show won't be half as successful!

01 December 2003

In Adding celebrities could fold TV poker, John Cotey argues that celebrity poker shows could kill the emerging passion for televised poker. "There is something about watching the pros - young and old, groomed and ungroomed, many looking like they haven't slept in days or bought clothes since the 1980s - playing for $1-million. There is a desperation, a collage of nuanced behavior, humorous habits and a Rainman-like quality to them that make you root for one or the other. Not sure I get that with Ben Affleck and David Schwimmer."

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